Certificates & Industry associations

Certificate “Kranbranchen” is a co-operation between the largest, Danish companies in the crane manufacturing and lifting sectors.

We are a member of the crane industry

Since 2015, NOS A/S has been a member of “Kranbranchen”, formerly known as “the Danish industry organization for cranes and lifting equipment”. Through this membership, we have access to the newest technical know-how as well as information about the current rules and regulations of the industry. All members of “Kranbranchen” see an advantage in sharing knowledge within this sector, and this helps us raise the quality and operational safety and stability for our customers.

Bisnode's credit rating

Nos A/S has received the highest credit rating based on Bisnode’s credit rating system. The assessment is updated daily via Bisnode’s database. The credit rating of the company is thus always current. Your guarantee for a serious and safe partner to do business with – also in the future.

IMPA certificering

NOS A/S is approved as a supplier member of IMPA – International marine purchasing association. Our membership number: IMPA2101502. IMPA is a non-profit organization within the marine industry since 1978.