Supplier to the maritime industry

NOS A/S is supplier to the maritime industry


When you work on a ship and don’t get deliveries every day, it is especially important that what you get, is exactly what you need.

Anything else results in expensive delays. We know this at NOS A/S, and when you call us, we make sure that we know exactly what it is that you require.

From our experience with our maritime customers, we know that our customers often need:

We are supplier to the maritime industry and we have a strong knowledge of this industry and a strong network worldwide. This is a great advantage because our customers work all over the World. We deliver to wherever you might need it.


Long term customer relationships benefit the result. We are well known to the industry and all have a long track record, in the supply chain, securing a deep understanding of the challenges in providing the best solutions of products, man power and logistics to a demanding segment around the world.

We serve the international Maritime and offshore industry as a “World Wide One Stop Shop” for a wide range of products and services. You can take a look at the different kinds of services that we provide HERE.

Our product ranges include:

Steel wire, ropes, Anchors and anchor chains, lifting gear, Lashing equipment incl. container fittings, Cable laying equipment, New and used deck equipment, Safety and rescue equipment, Buoys and fenders, Equipment for load tests.

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produktkatalog - Anodes in zinc & aluminum

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