Service agreements with NOS A/S

A Service Agreement improves safety!

With a Service Agreement you can be sure that you will not miss the deadline for the annual inspection, and every year, we make sure to contact you well before the inspection deadline to allow you plenty of time to set up an agreement for a new test or inspection. This way, you don’t have to use precious time and resources to remember exactly when e.g. your lifting equipment is due for inspection. We service and repair all desired equipment so that wear and defects are detected in time. This ensures increased personal safety and reduces the risk of production break-downs. We make sure that the annual, legally required inspection is carried out according to current rules and legislation.

Repair and Replacement

Because our test van is equipped with a variety of standard spare parts, smaller repairs and replacement of worn-out or discarded items often take place in connection with on-site service/tests. That means that we can quickly get the equipment ready for use, which greatly reduces the risk of production downtime!

Tests and Inspection

No task is too small for our Service Team! So please call us if you would like to learn more. We provide service to all parts of Denmark, and our employees are able to handle all types of assignments – from consulting to extensive, specialized tasks. We perform tests, carry out inspections, etc.

Chains and Chain Accessories

Inspected through visual inspection and measurement. Chains can at most exhibit an elongation of 5 % for 5 links, and the maximum wear is 10 % of the original dimensions.

Round slings, webbing and fall protection equipment

Inspected visually for wear and damage on webbing and fabric/covers. We also check the markings.

Chain Hoists and Lifting Clamps

Visually inspected. Products, which by law must be tested for tensile strength, will of course be tested according to current rules and regulations.

Steel wire ropes and wire rope slings

We carry out a visual inspection for wire breaks, corrosion, deformities, etc. Also the wire rope diameter is tested according to rules and regulations.

Spreaders, pallet lift forks, etc.

Inspected for cracks and visually for other deformities.