Rigging workshop

We have our own rigging workshop where we can custom make products within fiber ropes and wire ropes.

We are very focused on the customer being satisfied with the products that they buy from us. occasionally it can be that the customers what more specific products, than what can be delivered, that is why we can adapt the products so they fit our customers specific assignments.

We do customized assignments within fiber ropes and wire ropes. Call us if you are interested in getting special orders for your next assignment on tel. +45 7669 7070 or send an e-mail sales@nos-as.dk.

Our rigging workshop work with fiber ropes and wire ropes


Within our own rigging workshop we can make customized products within steel wire ropes and fiber ropes.

We do i.e. hand splicing of steel wire ropes, taifunes, Dyneema®  and fiber ropes. We can also do custom assignments within slings, casting of all types and sizes sockets.

We also do standard production If that is what you need.

In the pictures below, you can se a casting of a socket. In the first picture, a steel wire rope has been pulled through a socket and the wire has been ‘opened’. then a special casting mass is poured into the socket, which is then hardened. A last the wire is ready for shipment.

Riggerværksted, istøbning

How to splice and to fuse and tapered a steel wire rope

Are you looking for steel wire ropes and want a special casting or splicing, then contact us today on tel. +45 7669 7070

You are also welcome to see what we offer within steel wire ropes below:

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produktkatalog - Anodes in zinc & aluminum

Besides our steel wire ropes, we have many other quality products, so take a closer look at what we offer, by viewing our full catalogue below.

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We are always ready to help you with your next assignment
Call us on tel. +45 7669 7070 or send an mail to sales@nos-as.dk

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