Service and inspection

We perform mandatory service and inspection

Annual mandatory inspection

We perform service and inspection of cranes, lifting gear and which ”arbejdstilsynet’ requires shall be inspected and tested at least once every year. 

You can be sure that you will not miss the deadline for the annual inspection, and every year, we make sure to contact you well before the inspection deadline to allow you plenty of time to set up an agreement for a new test or inspection. This way, you don’t have to use precious time and resources to remember exactly when e.g. your lifting equipment is due for inspection. We service and repair all desired equipment so that wear and defects are detected in time. This ensures increased personal safety and reduces the risk of production breakdowns. We make sure that the annual, legally required inspection is carried out according to current rules and legislation.


Our test van is equipped with a variety of standard spare parts, smaller repairs and replacement of worn-out or discarded items often take place in connection with on-site service/tests. That means that we can quickly get the equipment ready for use, which greatly reduces the risk of production downtime!

After every inspection the approved equipment is marked with a label which makes it possible to see when the equipment has been approved. furthermore, on our database CERTNOS the individual certificates will be available

We are a member of “Kranbranchen”, which means that our service technicians have the newest know-how regarding current legislation and new requirements. If you have questions or need information, our service technicians will be able to guide you in the crane and lifting area. Go to our Service team HERE

24 hour service

You can always get in touch with a service worker 24/7 on tel. +457669 7070, We are ready to assist you on-site if you have any problems.

Storage hotel

We can offer you to store your machinery/tools at our company premises in Hatting, Jutland in Denmark. While the equipment is in our custody, we will handle service and maintenance. When you need your equipment back, we will deliver it (serviced and maintained) to an address of your choice.


If you are dealing with a short-term or long-term project. We are available to help you with a broad selection of products for rental. You can always be sure that the equipment you rent is serviced and inspected before it is delivered to you. When you use our NOS A/S rental Service, you will always receive qualified and capable consulting for tasks – big and small.

Call us to hear more about storing and rental on tel. +45 7669 7070

We have our own rigging workshop

We have our own workshop where we do hand splicing of wire ropes and fiber ropes of all kinds.

We also do casting of all types of wire ropes and sockets cast. we can make what you need. Read more about what we can do HERE

We are ready to serve you!

We are always ready to help you with your next assignment Call us on tel. +45 7669 7070 or send an mail to
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Kurt Kristiansen

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Rasmus Birck

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