Sub sea cable laying equipment

Subsea cable laying equipment is available in many different categories. When repairing or laying new cables under water, it is important that you have the right equipment to be able to get the work done quickly and safely. That is why it is essential that the equipment is right for the assignment and of high quality so that the work is not delayed. Below you can see which subsea cable laying equipment that we offer. If you are in need of products that you can rely on for your next job, you can call us and get advice and a great deal on the subsea cable laying equipment that will best suit your next task. Contact us on tel. +45 7669 7070 or by email

Grapnel ropes

Subsea cable laying equipment
  • Nordic 8 Combination
    8-strand braided construction made from steel and fibers

  • Nordic Deep Water ropes made from high strength fibers


  • Mushroom anchor

  • Pyramid anchor

  • Chain stopper tapered

  • Cable cutter hook

  • Grapnel sand & spearpoint

  • Detrenching grapnel

  • Wheeled detrenching grapnel

  • Ultra deep trencher

  • Long line cutter

  • Grapnel jamming 

  • Grapnel RENNIE – small

  • Grapnel RENNIE – large

  • GIFFORD small assembly

  • GIFFORD large assembly

  • Trolley repeater & branch unit

  • Hand grapnel


  • Flafish long & short prong

  • Sliding prong

  • Cable sheaves

Long line cutter, kabellægningsudstyr


subsea cable laying equipment
  • NORDIC LCE tires

  • NORDIC preform stoppers

  • NORDIC Tubular thimle & link

  • Torpedo socket & swivel socket

  • Thimle with gusset

  • Rope grip w. DYNEEMA®

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