Steel wire ropes & accessories

Steel wire ropes & accessories

There are many different types of steel wire ropes and for even more applications. At NOS A/S you will find a large selection of steel wire ropes, for any type of purpose and we have accessories for steel wire ropes, like sockets, thimbles, crane- and wirerope  blocks, along with many other accessories.

Our products of steel wire ropes cover different sizes, from the very thin and up to more than 100 mm in constructions like for example 6×36, 35×7, 7×19. We have our own rigging workshop, where we custom make steel wire ropes, but is it difficult for you to come to us, then we can do different assignments on-site.

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Steel wire ropes

  • Stainless steel wire rope

  • Wire ropes with steel core

  • Non-rotating steel wire ropes

  • Galvanized steel wire ropes

  • Wire ropes for multilayer spooling

  • Elevator wire ropes

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stålwire & tilbehør - kovs - Rustfri stål tilbehør
  • Solid thimbles

  • Tubular thimbles

  • Galvanized thimbles

  • Closed sockets

  • Open sockets

  • Open wedge sockes

  • Fast connector sockets w. bolt

  • Galvanized Sockets (Option: painted)

Steel wire & accessories
Stålwire & tilbehør kasteblok
  • Wire rope blocks in steel

  • Snatch blocks w. hook

  • Snatch blocks with shackles

  • Snatch blocks for shackle lifting

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Steel wire & accessories
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