Safety & protection tapes

Vi offer many different kinds of Safety & protection tapes. So it is important to know what kind of pressure the tape is going to withhold. If you fx. have to seal a pipe on a ship, where the tape is exposed to large amounts of water, it is important to choose the correct tape to ensure that the repair lasts.

Below you can see which kind of tapes we offer. If you are looking for a special kind of tape for your next assignment, give us a call at +45 7669 7070 or send an email., and we will find a solution together.

Safety & protection tapes

  • Drip stop tape

  • Pipe repair tape

  • Retro reflective tape

  • Anti corrosion tape

  • Anti – corrosion primer paste

  • Anti – corrosion mastic

  • Anti – splashing flange shields

  • Anti – splashing tape

  • Hatch cover tapestrips & rolls

  • Magnetic hatch cover tape

  • Pipe dressing

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Sikkerheds- & beskyttelsestape, safety & protection tapes
produktkatalog - Anodes in zinc & aluminum

Besides our safety tapes & pipe protection tapes we have many other quality products, so take a closer look at what we offer, by viewing our full catalogue below

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