Hydraulic jacks & accessories

Hydraulic jacks & accessories

We offer lifting equipment such as hydraulic jacks and transport trolleys. If a load needs to be lifted and transported, we have the equipment that is needed. We supply hydraulic jacks for the building & construction industry.

Our hydraulic jacks are stable and can withstand many kinds of working conditions. Some hydraulic jacks are also designed to operate in the marine industry, where they are used for tasks under water.

Our tranport trolleys are used to transport loads that weigh many tons. By using transport rollers, the process of moving these large loads becomes much easier.

Hydraulic jacks

Lifting jacks & roller skates
  • Single acting cylinders

  • Double acting cylinders

  • High double acting cylinders

  • Aluminum cylinders

  • Low profile cylinders

  • Flat body cylinders

  • Flat body kit

  • Low profile kit

  • Hollow cylinders – single acting

  • Hollow cylinders – double acting

  • Lock nut cylinders

  • Threaded cylinders

  • High precision cylinders

  • Pull cylinders

  • Spreader

  • Hydraulic hand pumps – internal pressure relief valve

  • Hydraulic hand pumps – manual control valve

  • Air hydraulic pumps

  • Rotary air hydraulic pumps

  • Rack jack

  • Pad eye tester set

Transport trolleys

  • Transport trolleys – turnable

  • Transport trolleys – fixed

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