Chain hoists, winches, lifting clamps & magnets

At NOS A/S vi have hoists for any form of lifting. Chain hoists, winches, lifting clamps & magnets.

To find out what kind of hoist that suits your lifting assignment, it is important to know how often it is going to be used, in what kind of environment and how much load that needs to be lifted. Normally manuel chain hoists is for minor lifting, lever hoists for heavier lifting or pulling, electrical and pneumatic for very heavy lifting. If you can’t find what you are looking for, then give us a call, then we will find the right solution for your lifting assignment.

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Chain hoists

Kædetaljer, spil, løfteklør & magneter
  • Manuel chain hoist

  • RHINO Manuel chain hoist

  • KITO Manuel chain hoist

Lever hoist

  • RHINO Lever hoist

  • KITO Lever hoist

  • Sparkless lever hoist

Kædetaljer, spil, løfteklør & magneter

Electrical chain hoists

PITCH el-kædetalje
  • PITCH PF chain hoists

  • Electrical chain hoists

  • Chain hoists with trolley

  • Battery chain hoist

  • Pneumatic hoist

  • Stage hoist

  • Mini winch

  • Electrical wire rope winch

  • Cubic winch

  • ATV winch – 12/24V

  • Self-recovery winches – 12/24V

TR1 Industrial remote control

Remote control for controlling electric chain hoist, trolley or crane winch. TR1 can be retrofitted.

Accessories - Lifting clamps & magnets

  • Standard lifting magnet

  • Lifting magnet – suitable for round materials

  • HD lifting clamp for universal lifting

  • Vertical lifting clamp

  • Lifting clamp for horizontal lifting

  • Lifting clamp for pipes

Kædetaljer, spil, løfteklør & magneter
Kædetaljer, spil, løfteklør & magneter, løftegrej og surring, produkt oversigt

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