Anchors, Anchor chains & accessories

Anchors, anchor chains & accessories for YOUR next project or ship

We sell anchors, anchor chains & accessories to the maritime sector.

When you choose anchor and the length of the chains, it depends on the size of the ship/boat. We know it is important to be able to trust your equipment, that is why we only sell products of the great quality.

We are here to assist you on which products would fit your assignment the best.


anchor, anchor chains & accessories , subsea cable laying equipment
  • Stockless Hall anchor

  • Stockless SPEK anchor

  • Stockless BALDT anchor

  • HHP AC-14 anchor

  • HHP POOL TW anchor

  • HHP POOL N anchor

  • HHP DELTA anchor

  • HHP offshore anchor

Anchor chains

  • STUD Link anchor chains – grade 2 & 3

  • Offshore STUD link anchor chains

    – ORQ, R3 & R4

Ankre, ankerkæder & tilbehør


anchor, anchor chains
  • Master link

  • Master link assembly

  • Eye hook – ROV

  • Triangle plate

  • J CHASER wide body

  • Chain grapnel

  • Anchor line hook – NOS 6

  • Sliphook

  • Sliphook – NOS 11

  • PELICAN Sliphook

  • CR connector

  • PEAR connection link

  • Connection link – For pennantlines

  • CR-D thimble w. link

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Ankre. ankerkæder & tilbehør, løftegrej og surring
produktkatalog - Anodes in zinc & aluminum

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