Modulift Lifting Beam supplied by NOS A/S in action lifting Wind Turbine Blades

Nyheder NOS A/S
Nyheder NOS A/S

January 2019

Nice summer pictures onboard the Ziton Wind Pioneer. Lifting Wind Turbine Blades with 18mtr, WLL 110 ton, Modulift lifting beam supplied by NOS A/S. At NOS A/S we are always ready to guide and advice you, as well as with offers for Lifting Beams, and any other kind of Lifting Equipment you may need.

Merry christmas from us here at NOS A/S

December 2018

Nyheder NOS A/S

NOS A/S Serves the customers every day of the week

Nyheder NOS A/S

November 2018

NOS A/S serve the customers 24/7

At NOS A/S we are there for the customers 24/7, like in this case a happy customer could have new chain lashings made Saturday morning

NOS A/S deliver wire rope slings

14. November NOS A/S manufacture and deliver all kinds and dimensions of wire rope slings, i.e. like these in dia. 64m, with a breaking load of 301 ton We are ready to answer to your inquiries by phone (+45)7669 7070 and/or e-mail sales@nos-as.dk If you would like to see our selection of products you can follow the link below:
Nyheder NOS A/S

NOS A/S supply 125 ton of new Anchor Chain

October 2018

Last week NOS A/S, supplied 125 ton of new Anchor Chain in diameter 87mm, corresponding to 5 full container loads. If you need Anchors, Anchor Chain, and accessories, then please contact our Sales Department on (+45)7669 7070 , sales@nos-as.dk

If you would like to see more of our products within this category, you can download the category catalog below:

Nyheder NOS A/S

Special Wire Ropes and Snatch Blocks from NOS A/S

Nyheder NOS A/S
Nyheder NOS A/S
Nyheder NOS A/S

September 2018

NOS A/S supplies 2.500m, 26mm Non Rotating Wire rope and Snatch Blocks for cable laying project.

We are also ready to assist you by urgent needs, no matter if you need Steel Wire Ropes or other equipment

Nordic Winch Master

August 2018

Nordic Winch Master – The perfect winch line for shipowners and operators that require an extremely strong, buoyant rope with exceptionally good abrasion resistance at an attractive price level.

Especially well-suited for use on mooring winches and conforming with OCIMF mooring line for tankers. These 2 coils of 68mm x 110 meters with soft eye spliced in both ends are used as winch lines on a ferry operating here in Northern Europe.

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team with further questions or requests regarding Nordic Winch Master or the other mooring ropes that NOS A/S can offer.

NOS A/S deliver Modulift Lifting Spreader Beam

July 2018

Recently NOS A/S delivered this Modulift Lifting Spreader Beam, with a WLL of 110 ton, and a max span of 18 meters.

From Modulift we can deliver Lifting Beams with WLL capacity in the range from 2 to 5000 ton, and with a max span of up to a 100 meter.

As the name Modulift indicates, the Lifting Beams are built up from various modules, enabling many different versions, suiting any lifting application in the best and safest way.

The staff at NOS A/S are always ready to guide and advice you, as well as with offers for Lifting Beams, and any other kind of Lifting Equipment you may need.


July 2018

After 9 years of operation under joint ownership, NOS A/S will from now on only have the one owner, Jensen Offshore Holding ApS. Previously NOS A/S was owned by this company along with three other stakeholders: CEO Holding ApS from Denmark and two investors from Malta, Calpac Traders Limited and Salvo Grima Group Limited.

Behind Jensen Offshore Holding ApS is Claus Jensen, who is the Managing Director of NOS A/S.

“It was in the best interest for all the parties to complete this trade as the sellers are happy to consolidate their core businesses, while we are looking forward to take our ambitions to the next level by expanding our customer segment and customer profiles. We strongly believe that this will benefit everyone involved, from our customers to our suppliers as well as both our staff and selling parties,” says Managing Director Claus Jensen.

The Maltese owned Calpac Traders Limited are ship agents, ship brokers and register vessels under the Maltese Flag, while the other Maltese investor Salvo Grima Group Limited are Malta’s leading ship and yacht supplier. The Danish company CEO Holding ApS is owned by Carl Erik Olsen, who is operating as an independent contractor with expertise within Sub Sea Cable Laying.

Historien om NOS A/S

Gunnebo GrabiQ Lifting Chains from NOS A/S

July 2018

NOS A/S recently delivered these 2 Gunnebo GrabiQ Chain Slings


26mm Chain, leg length 5 mtrs., mounted with Shortening, – and Safety Hooks, lifting capacity 37,1 ton

If you need Chain Slings, or any other Lifting Equipment, please contact NOS A/S

Tom Kloster Fyllgraf returns back home to NOS A/S

July 2018

It is with a lot of joy at NOS A/S that we can say “Welcome back home” to Tom Kloster Fyllgraf.

From the 1st of July 2018, Tom has undertaken a new role within our company as Technical and Commercial Manager, and with this he will take over the daily responsibility of the internal sales and purchasing functions as well as the warehouse and service.

Furthermore, Tom will oversee the primary sales responsibility of some of our customers

Historien om NOS A/S

NOS A/S Agent for IRM fendere.

June 2018

NOS A/S Agent for IRM Fenders

At NOS we are proud of having been chosen as Agent for the big Indian Fender manufacturer IRM.

IRM manufacture a wide range of Port Fenders, and accessories, like Mooring Bollards, Brackets, etc.

In addition to the Port Fenders IRM also manufacture various types of Floating Fenders, both for sale and rental, – also with a European stock in Rotterdam

Splicing Fiber ropes

June 2018

If you have ever spliced a fiber rope, you know it takes skill! Then try to imagine what it is like to splice a Steel Wire Rope like this one – that is the art of Craftmanship!

Our team has many years of experience when it comes to splicing Fiber as well as Steel Wire Ropes and they master it to perfection.

At NOS A/S we support our clients with a wide range of services and we can offer you almost anything within Steel Wire Ropes, Fiber Ropes, Lifting- and Lashing Equipment

Zink Anodes to a customer in Northeastern Europe

June 2018

Are you dry docking a vessel in the near future where you know for sure that you will be changing the Anodes? We ship out our Zink Anodes for various customers around the world on a regular basis. Like today, we are shipping these 100 pieces of 10,2 kg Anodes for a client in Northeastern Europe.

If you are looking for a similar size of Zink Anode or a totally different one, than please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists for guidance and availability.


May 2018

NOS A/S supplies a 200-ton lifting beam for scrapping of Windmill Towers

Do you also need a lifting beam, large or small? We are always ready to assist you.

Contact our Sales Department via phone:  (+45)7669 7070, or by e-mail sales@nos-as.dk

Merry christmas & a happy new year

December 2017

At NOS A/S we would gladly go the extra mile to ensure our customers the right solution

November 2017 We have just made a re-delivery of four 71mm steel wire ropes. Just to put it in perspective we are talking about four tons, yes you read correctly, four tons divided into four ropes The customer was so pleased with our first delivery that a reorder was made without hesitation. Should we try to solve one of your needs? Then please give us a call at (+45)7669 7070 or write to us at sales@nos-as.dk – We will always be ready to find the right solution for your needs.

We are always ready to help our customers

April 2017

At NOS A/S we help our customers with any enquiry, large or small. Here is the entire staff perpetuated about an order ready for delivery.

Our website has been updated

January 2017

We have updated our design and the website is now tablets and mobile friendly. We`ve been busy over the last few months working on a redesign of our template, and we are pleased to announce the release of our new website.

Here you will find a fresh new look and a modified structure that is user-friendly to navigate and where there is focus on what is in your interest. We prioritize ease of use and relevant information, of course, wrapped in a stylish new design. You will be able to access the page in Danish or English.

Merry christmas & a happy new year

December 2016

We wish our customers, business associates and friends of the house a Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year. We thank you for the year that has passed and looking forward to continuing our cooperation in 2017.
With Christmas greetings from the team at NOS A/S

November 2016

NOS A/S has had a very busy year and with very good results made possible by our dedicated staff. Without their commitment NOS A/S would not have been able to achieve our strong position in the market. Further to this we have decided to strengthen our sales department within the field of Oil and Gas and the Maritime world in general and by November 1, 2016 we have employed Mr. Henning Ibsen.
Henning has gained a wide experience over the past 42 years, having worked with technical departments in more Danish shipping companies and technical consultancies, yard agencies etc.

Henning knows about the customer’s daily challenges and his knowledge and experience is used as an inspiration to help solving the customer’s problem.

NOS A/S will therefore, in extension of our core business within the field of lashing equipment, steel wire ropes, lifting equipment, fiber ropes etc. be able to offer more specific items like ships’ spares for deck and engine and other items related here to, i.e. hull anodes and the like.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiry you may have and we assure you of our immediate attendance.

Call us to get an exceptional offer.

We are always ready to help you with your next assignment
Call us on tel. (+45)7669 7070 or send an mail to sales@nos-as.dk

Tom Kloster Fyllgraf NOS A/S Salgskonsulenter

Tom Kloster Fyllgraf

Claus Jensen

Claus Jensen

Martin Qvist salgsafdeling

Martin Qvist

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