Lifting gear for your sector


Do your industry need new lifting equipment? Such as lifting gear, ropes & steel wire

We sell products to the Building & construction, Oil & gas, Maritime and windpower industries. Our catalog contains a wide range of spare parts and components like Lifting gear, webbing, Manual hoists etc. Besides our standard spareparts and components, we can in our own rigging workshop,  custom make products that will fit your assignment specifically.

We only sell quality products, so you will always get products of the highest quality. Don’t hesitat to call us +45 7669 7070 or send an email , we will be ready to deliver products for your next assignment.

If you are looking for specific spare parts and/or components, like lifting gear or fiber ropes, see our product overview here

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If you are interested in taking a closer look at our selection of products, then you can have a look at our full catalogue. The catalog contains the most common spare parts and components, like Lifting gear, Fiber ropes, Hoists and more.

Besides our standard spare parts and components, We can Custom make products in our own rigging workshop, so it fits your assignment.