Supplier to the wind power industry

We are supplier to the wind power industry


We are supplier to the wind power industry and the wind power industry helps ensure growth in Denmark, and at NOS A/S we are proud to be able to contribute to this by delivering equipment to all industries that work with lifting, including wind power companies.

The wind power industry sets high demands for safety and service, and we are happy to be able to live up to these expectations. We are supplier to the wind power industry so we know what our wind power customers mean when they call us and ask for “something, which can do this and that”

We have many years of experience, extensive product knowledge and deliver products such as:

We at NOS a/s know the right subcontractors, and we are a small, quick and very flexible organisation with great know-how and experience.
This means that we don’t only deliver products, but more importantly also solutions.
We are always able to find a solution to your problem or your next assignment.
So feel free to test this promise
– Please contact us by phone +45 7669 7070 or email, and we will find a solution to your problem together!

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