Pallet forks & lifting yokes

Pallet forks & lifting yokes for YOUR assignment

Pallet forks & lifting yokes are available here at NOS A/S. We have manual pallet forks and self-stabilizing Pallet forks. The self-stabilizing Pallet forks are used to keep a given load in a safe balance point so that the load does not fall off and is destroyed.
Our lifting yokes can be used for trucks or cranes.

Our BIG BAG lifting yoke is supplied with a safety solution, that secures the yoke, and keeps it from falling off the pallet forks.

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  • Manual pallet forks – telescopic

  • Automatic pallet forks – balance

  • Pallet forks – telescopic self leveling

  • Adjustable lifting yoke

  • BIG BAG lifting yoke

  • Adjustable lifting yoke

  • Lifting cage for gas bottles

  • Steel driving plate clamp

  • Stabilizer pads

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