Lifting chains & accessories – Grade 8 & 10

Our lifting system - grade 8 & 10 is more than just another lifting chain system.

Lifting chains & accessories – grade 8 & 10 is more than just a lifting system, it is designed to be a collective lifting concept for both light weight lifting and the much heavier lifting.

Our components and chains are designed to provide great flexibility for the end-user. Our lifting chains are made of specially hardened alloy steel, thereby the chains achieve low weight, high wear resistance, high strength and long service life when properly used.

The difference between lifting system – grade 8 and grade 10 is the strength in the chains and components. In grade 10 the strength is 25% larger than the standard grade 8. That is why it is important to know how heavy a load that need to be lifted, in order to figure out what grade and size that would be the most ideal to use.

Lifting chains

Lifting chains & accessories - grade 10, Service and inspection
  • GRABIQ chain sling 1 – leg

  • GRABIQ chain sling 2 – leg

  • GRABIQ chain sling 3 – leg

  • GRABIQ chain sling 4 – leg



  • Chain short link

  • Coupling link

  • Master links

  • Master link assembly

  • Master grab

  • Master grab duo

  • Sling hook

  • Safety hook

Lifting chains & accessories - grade 10

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