Fiber ropes & accessories

At NOS A/S we have different types of fiber ropes & accessories, like Nordic ocean 8,  Nordic winch master, Dynaone etc.

Which type of rope you should use, depends on what kind of assignment you have, if you are going to hoist, pull or something completely different. But give us a call, then we can find a solution together.  Does your company have implemented MEG4? Here you can read about the new OCIMF Mooring Equipment Guidelines (MEG4).

We also have a lot of accessories for our ropes, like blocks, and cargo nets among other things.

Tovværk & tilbehør
  • Nordic Ocean 8

  • Nordic Ocean 8+

  • Nordic Ocean mix

  • Nordic Winch Master

  • Atlas

  • Atlas Plus

  • Dura – Winchline

  • Dura Float 

  • Dynaone

  • Dynaone HS

  • Megatwin Dyneema

  • Tiger rope

  • PP rope – 3 strand

  • Crossbraided nylon

  • Hollow crossbraided PP

  • Natural fiber ropes – Sisal & manila

  • Single block w/ nylon sheave

  • Double block w/ nylon sheave

  • Cargo net

  • Pilot ladder

  • Embarkation ladder

Fiber ropes & accessories
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Take a closer look at what kind of fiber ropes & accessories we offer, by downloading our chapter below.

Besides our fiber ropes & accessories we have many other quality products, so take a closer look at what we offer, by viewing our full catalogue below.


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