Eye bolts & swivels

Eye bolts & swivel in many variations

Eye bolts are used for machine- and element lifting, which can not be lifted manually or with a forklift.

With eye bolts and swivels from us, you will get a quality product. This is especially important when it comes to heavy lifting and personal safety.

We have a wide selection to choose from, and that is why the application is an important factor when choosing eye bolts and swivels. Safety factor, load capacity and other, is very different depending on the assignment, in which the eye bolt/swivel is to be used.

So, if you are in doubt about which eyebolt or/and swivel you need. Then contact us on tel. 7669 7070 or on email, then we would happily, in coorperation with you, find the solution which fits your assignment the best.

Eye bolts & swivels

Øjebolte & svirvler
  • Eye nut – DIN 582 C15E

  • Eye bolt – DIN 580 C15E

  • Stainless steel nut – DIN 582

  • Stainless steel eye bolt – DIN 580

  • Swivel eye bolt with ring

  • Yoke – Swivel eye bolt

  • Yoke LBO extended bolt

  • Yoke – Sunpoint

  • Yoke – Swivel eye bolt

  • Swivel AISI 316

  • HD Swivel AISI 304

  • Flexible Swivel AISI 304

  • Ball bearing swivel

  • Ring clutch – DEHA type

  • Ring clutch – FRIMEDA type

Øjebolte & svirvler

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If you need to have customized products for your assignmenr, then we are abale to do this in our rigging workshop.

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