Anodes in zinc & aluminum

Anodes in zinc & aluminum

Anodes in zinc & aluminum are mainly used in the Marine segment, such as for ships, ports and offshore wind installations, and is used to protect steel products from corrosion in an aggressive environment.

That is why you use anodes to sacrifice instead of fx. the hull of the ship. We sell anodes in zinc & aluminum, because it depends on what kind of water you sail in, if it is saltwater or fresh water. It is also important to check your anodes often, so you do not risk getting holes in the hull of the ship.

If you need us to come and check this, then we are ready to help you. We have skilled service technicians which perform tests and approves equipment, have a look at what we can do for you below:

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Zink anodes

We have different sizes and shapes of our zink anodes – download our chaper to see the different types we offer.

Aluminum anodes

We also offer aluminum anodes in different sizes and shapes, so download our chapter to see if we offer the anodes which you need.

Besides our anodes we have many other quality products, so take a closer look at what we offer, by viewing our full catalogue below.

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